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Posted by Splats - July 1st, 2016

Studying again

Comments (5)

Pics or it didn't happen.

But congrats anyway.

heyyy THANKS

I appear everywhere those claim something would not be read. <3

eyup lad, how you doing?

pretty fecking great! just got my finals results, got turnt at a party.. really enjoyin life to the fullest at my own lil pace. how bout you? we should catch up man!

safe man, pleased to hear it, where you heading next year? can't beat a good sesh when it's due haha

yeah bro, i've been all over the place recently, mainly just working on site, had about 4 jobs on the go one week, been hectic to say the least, glad to be taking it easy for a week or so. also got a few gigs in the bag lined up for next year which is gonna be pretty rad

you all set for Christmas?

Shit man need to know about them gigs! Death Grips was all it was cracked up to be and in the meantime I saw ScHoolboy Q as well. SICK performance.

Christmas was pretty lit!!! Got about £400 cause I decided to put some work in for school, taking it easy as well. Really chill atm. Also got an original Dune dvd aaaww yisss
How was yours?

got rained off so i've finally got round to posting, sorry about the delay g, work has been pretty hectic once again, but i cant complain because it's normally pretty sparce this time of the year

as for the gigs, i'm seeing The Fall this month, Youth of Today, Trash Talk (and a couple of other hc punk bands on the bill), This Heat, Mayhem, and Swans with their last gig in London accompanied by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth.

saw Death Grips last October on their Halloween gig up at the roundhouse, waited about for a good hour or so for the set to begin with some sort of shepard tone progressively building up and never ending. was trying to work it out lean as fuck, lol. killed the time for sure though.

they turned up in suits which is pretty out of character but rad nonetheless considering the venue was like a sauna and they just plowed through was pretty intense and the pit was killer.
hoping they'll drop by again this year

How did they play when you went to see em?

safe man, haven't seen that one, seen a fair share of Lynch's early works, but not Dune, any good? also, new twin peaks coming out this year

yeah man, christmas was pretty cushty, had a good old knees-up with my folks

as for my haul, i got children of the corn boxset, tetsuo: the iron man/body hammer, few grindhouse movies, bottle of rum and some new wheels for my skateboard

oh aye, happy belated New Year btw, lol